Once upon a time in Sydney, Australia, there lived two intrepid sisters. Like 90% of girls in the 80s, they dreamed of becoming marine biologists, hairdressers and the next world famous girl band (despite their severe lack of musical talent).

In 2008 both sisters fell fast and hard for the same city when a visit to their mum and Dutch stepdad brought them to Amsterdam. After years of pining, the stars aligned and one beautiful, rainy day in 2013, Natalie and Melissa traded in the vitamin D for gezellig brown bars, long summer nights, and cycling as a way of life.

Now, the Fiorenza sisters share more than weird sibling telepathy and the same taste in glasses frames. They share Your Space Amsterdam. With qualities that complement each other, a laundry list of eclectic past job titles, and that roll-with-the-punches Aussie attitude, they’ve finally joined forces to realise their dream of creating an innovative and inspiring meeting space for the people of Amsterdam.

More than just a pretty space

Your Space is a unique, creative meeting and event solution located in the heart of Amsterdam in a stunning and spacious 17th century canal house. The venue features three unique meeting rooms, gorgeous canal views, an oxygen-rich indoor oasis and lush velvet sofas that'll make you say 'ahhhh...’

It’s a laid-back, inspiring atmosphere that breeds creativity, growth and innovation. But that’s not the clincher. It’s the experience that the space’s hands-on hosts are committed to providing each and every time – the unparalleled service, impeccable attention to detail, and flexible offerings customised to meet your unique needs. 
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